Intellectual property Right

Intellectual property allows people and entities to own their creativity and trademarks in the same way that they can own physical property. The owner of intellectual property can be rewarded for its use, which encourages further innovation and creativity.


With trading markets heading towards complete globalization, brand fraud has increased dramatically and Owners of trademarks became very concerned of protecting their goods &services from being used by others, which leaves them with less market share and less leverage


Smart Eyes IP Enforcement team has the required skills, experience and qualifications to protect your trademark against counterfeiting and infringement.


Smart Eyes gives additional services such as

- Trademarks registration

- Market sweep action

- Customs watch Programme


We also offer strategic advisory services to assist our clients and help them. Smart Eyes offers its services in the Middle East, Far East & India in order to fight any counterfeit goods in the market

Our team help protect business interests and reputation.